MIKE SCHILLING’s attention to detail, from the selection of raw materials to recipe formulation and, ultimately, through the beer making process, is very noticeable when the first sip of SchillingBridge microbrews passes through your lips! He takes great pride in his masterpieces and firmly believes that sacrificing his midsection is a small price to pay for ensuring that SchillingBridge customers will enjoy the best microbrews they have ever tasted.

Kelly BLETSCHER received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in communication from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln in 2007. Kelly is in charge of operations, and this beauty has quite a job keeping the other members of the team (the beasts) in line!

DALLAS SCHILLING After recently graduating from
Wyoming Technical Institute, having earned a degree in Street Rod Fabrication, Dallas was quick to say goodbye to the cold and wind and ventured back to Pawnee City to help in the family business by day...

But at night, his creative talents are hard at work re-fabricating an old ’59 Dodge truck into a SchillingBridge parade showpiece!

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